Handbag Care and Maintenance – Making Your Investment Last


You’ve shelled out the big bucks to get the great designer handbag. If you’ve been shopping smart, you’ve bought a classic looking bag that should stand the test of time.

In fact, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t be able to pass down your handbags to your children, provide they are well cared for.

However, you might be wondering how exactly one goes about caring for high end handbags. Since these are luxury goods, you don’t want to toss them into the washer and hope for the best. Proper care must be taken to give these handbags the longest life-span possible.

The best way to keep your bag clean is basic regular maintenance. When you first get your bag, applying scotch guard will help give the bag a protective coating that will help the bag resist liquids and other spills. Wipe dirt and dust off your bag with a duster. To help your bag keep its shape, stuff it with cloth or bubble wrap to keep it safe in storage. Be sure to cover your bag in storage to prevent dust from sticking to the surface. Overfilling your bag will also cause it to loose shape, so try to keep the load reasonable. If your bag gets wet, air dry it. Never use a blow dryer or anything else to dry a bag.

If you have a leather bag, you’ll want to invest in some good leather treatment equipment. Using a soft brush and leather conditioning cream will help your bag last. Suede bags can be rejuvenated by means of a suede brush. Fabric bags can be kept fresh by running a lint roller over the surface.

If worst comes to worse, it might be worth seeking out a professional handbag cleaner. These professionals can remove tough stains and perform serious repairs if needed. These handbag cleaners can be real lifesaver in the event of some serious handbag damage.

Overall, keeping a handbag maintained isn’t rocket science. Just use common sense, and follow the above tips to help keep your handbag looking as good as the day you bought it.

Article Source: Handbag Care and Maintenance – Making Your Investment Last